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  • Prereq: Construction Yard
  • Armor: Concrete
  • Cost: 100
  • Purpose: Passive Defense

Walls have often been used to provide passive protection for important base structures, walling them off from threats such as Spies and Engineers. The use has not changed, however walls come directly from the Construction Yard rather than the Barracks to deploy them faster.

  • Prereq: Barracks
  • Armor: Steel
  • Cost: 400
  • Weapon: M249 Machine Gun
  • Range: Medium
  • Purpose: Anti-Infantry Defense

The venerable Pillbox remains the Allies earliest defensive structure. It is most effective against infantry; however, even lightly armored vehicles such as IFVs and Flak Tracks are vulnerable to the heavy caliber machine gun nested inside. Because the structure itself is rather simple, the cost of production has been reduced by 100 credits. Not only that, but the Pillbox is able to be placed six cells away from any base structure.
Gameplay Enhancement: Explicitly requires an Allied Barracks.

  • Prereq: Barracks
  • Armor: Steel
  • Cost: 700
  • Weapon: Patriot Missiles
  • Range: Long
  • Purpose: Anti-Aircraft Defense

The Patriot Missile Site replaces the AA Gun from the previous war. The new defense is effective at punching through enemy aircraft; however, it fell behind since it fires somewhat slowly and the missile tracks its targets somewhat slowly as well. The main problems have been corrected and now, the Missile Site fires a volley of two missiles towards its target. Each missile does sixty percent of the initial damage count, but overall damage is still higher. The missiles fired track much, much faster, hitting their targets in little time. Not even the heavily armored Kirov is able to stand up to much punishment from a few of these. The improvements do not end there though; the cost has been heavily reduced down to 700 credits versus the 1000 before.
Gameplay Enhancement: Explicitly requires an Allied Barracks.

  • Prereq: Airforce Command HQ
  • Armor: Steel
  • Cost: 1500
  • Weapon: Prism Beam
  • Range: Long
  • Purpose: High-Tech Defense

Einstein's new Prism technology has since replaced the basic Gun Turret, and with stellar results. While the Prism Tower is adept at cutting armored vehicles down to size with its prism laser, it is even able to fry infantry to ash in a mere half-second as well. The Towers are able to link with each other to fire a much stronger beam, able to reduce even the heaviest vehicles to scrap. As such, no changes have been made to the Prism Tower.
Gameplay Enhancement: The Absolute Damage Bug has been fixed on official YR maps.

  • Prereq: Battle Lab
  • Armor: Wood
  • Cost: 2000
  • Purpose: Map Reveal

The Allies SpySat Uplink taps into orbiting satellites to show the entire battlefield to the owner. The shroud will be gone for the duration of the game unless the owner is unlucky enough to pick up a Shroud crate. Unlike before, only one instance of the SpySat is allowed for each player. The cost has also been increased by 500 credits, and the Uplink station consumes more power.

  • Prereq: Battle Lab
  • Armor: Concrete
  • Cost: 2500
  • Purpose: Chronoshift

Arguably Einstein's greatest achievement, the Chronosphere remains the home of the Allies passive superweapon. The structure itself is already rather durable and the only function it performs is maintaining the Chronoshift superweapon. As such, no changes have been made to this structure.
Graphical Enhancement: Causes a screen shake when destroyed.

Chronoshift Chronoshift
Prereq: Chronosphere
Recharge Time: 6 Minutes

The Chronoshift is the culmination of Einstein's groundbreaking research. It allows vehicles to be warped through time and space to a brand new location. The limits of the previous incarnation have been almost removed. Instead of warping one unit at a time, up to nine vehicles can be warped to a new location, and the warped units do not shift back to their original location! The effect is able to be fired upon enemy units as well, allowing vehicles to be sunk in the water or ships to be destroyed on land.
The only change made to its functionality is that the recharge time has been decreased by a full minute.

  • Prereq: Battle Lab
  • Armor: Concrete
  • Cost: 5000
  • Purpose: Lightning Storms

The Weather Control Device is the new Allied superweapon, and it fits in with their theme of 'clean' technology. The WCD is already a durable structure, one of few to take direct superweapon strikes, and as such, no changes have been made to structure itself.
Graphical Enhancement: Causes a screen shake when destroyed.

Lightning Storm Lightning Storm
Prereq: WCD
Recharge Time: 10 Minutes

Harnessing the power of nature, the Allies call upon Mother Nature to devstate its enemies. The bolts are extremely deadly, able to slash through most structures and units in a single strike. However, because the nature of lightning storms are so varied, the superweapon variety retains the same unpredictability.