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All mod downloads are packed within RAR archives. If you do not have a proper extraction tool, I recommend using the official tool from RAR Labs; however, 7Zip works equally well.

Download Beowulf's Rules! (50MB)
The packed RAR contains the EXE you use to launch the mod. Extract the EXE to any old location and run the EXE. The launcher will appear and you will be able to play the mod.
NOTE: It may not appear to work the first time you launch the mod. This is a glitch with the launcher. Open the Task Manager, go to the Processes tab, close game.exe and launch the mod again. It should work. You will, unfortunately, need to repeat this process each time you reboot or power on your computer.
Works best with RA2 patch 1.006.

Download Beowulf's Rules: Yuri's Revenge! (31MB)
Runs exactly the same as the original Beowulf's Rules. Extract, open, launch the mod.
Requires Yuri's Revenge patch 1.001 in order to be used.

When playing BWR: YR, missions are not guaranteed to work. They will be fixed later!

In case the download here at Icetex is rather slow, I have Beowulf's Rules hosted offsite as well.

Beowulf's Rules Mirror #1 (ModDB)

Beowulf's Rules: YR Mirror #1 (ModDB)