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Missile Launcher
  • Users: ›empty‹

The Missile Launcher mode is the default mode used when the IFV is empty or when certain infantry are placed inside that don't do anything special, such as Attack Dogs. The weapon itself has not changed all that much, except for reworking on the warhead's power against armored targets to improve its effectiveness on aircraft.

Repair Arm
  • Users: Engineer, Medic

When an Engineer, or a Medic, is placed into an IFV, it transforms into a Repair IFV, which has the ability to, obviously, repair vehicles. If the IFV is elite, it repairs more in 'shot' than rookie and veteran. This repair is also capable of removing parasites from vehicles as well.

Machine Gun
  • Users: GI, Conscript, Spy, Agent

The Machine Gun is the generic mode used by basic infantry and espionage units. The gun is effective against infantry, moderately effective against lightly armored units but less so against heavier armor and most structures. This changes a little bit at elite, doing a little more damage to armored targets.

Flak Cannon
  • Users: Flak Trooper

The Flak Cannon is the first mode exclusively used by an enemy infantry. The Flak IFV's weapon is the strongest version of the land attack weapon, doing more damage at Rookie and even more at Elite, firing a double burst. The technology is rather dated, but the Allies put it to better use.

Heavy Machine Gun
  • Users: Navy SEAL, Chrono Commando, Tanya

The Heavy Machine Gun mode is used by Navy SEALs and the Chrono Commando, along with Tanya. It has received the same upgrades as the SEAL's weapon, also doing the same GI-like damage to structures as well. The ROF has also improved a small bit.

Sniper Turret
  • Users: Sniper

Used solely by the Sniper, the Sniper Turret is the anti-infantry weapon of choice. It receives the same benefits as the Sniper, and gains much longer range and it improved in firing speed. The bonuses are even higher at elite.

Tesla Cannon
  • Users: Tesla Trooper, Tesla Commando

The Tesla Cannon mode has seen its share of improvements, similar to that of the Russian's Tesla Tank. While not nearly as strong as their tank, the Tesla Cannon's version has seen an increase in damage, a faster rate of fire and a longer range. And at elite, the weapon fragments like the Tesla Trooper and Tesla Tank.

Advanced Missile Launcher
  • Users: Guardian GI

The Heavy Missile Launcher is new to the IFV, and it retains the same punch that the Guardian GI foot soldier does. When placed in an IFV, the weapon improves with the rate of fire, damage and missile tracking.

Dynamite Launcher
  • Users: Crazy Ivan, Chrono Ivan, Tesla Ivan, Terrorist (RA2), Psi-Corps Trooper (RA2)

The Dynamite Launcher is another new IFV combination, stemming from Soviet infantry only. The mode carries over the new ideas put into place by the recent changes to Crazy Ivan's weapons. Instead of destroying the IFV, Ivans (as well as other infantry) creates a bomb launching cannon that fires dynamite similar to what Crazy Ivan uses. The bombs are effective against infantry and vehicles to an extent. And with splash damage, effectiveness against structures is moderate.

Terror Bomb (YR)
  • Users: Terrorist (YR)

The Terror Bomb mode turns the IFV into a self-destructing entity, like the Terrorist. The bomb mode receives the same enhancements that have been made to the Terrorist, except in an IFV the changes are more evident and much more damaging.

Mind Blast Hub (YR)
  • Users: Psi-Corps Trooper (YR), Chrono Corps (YR), Tesla Corps (YR)

The Mind Blast Hub provides the psychic-based infantry a calmer environment from which they can send out their mind blasts. There isn't anything new with this mode except that it does more damage to vehicles and structures than the infantry psi pulse.

Minicomet Laser
  • Users: Assaulter

The Assaulter creates another new IFV mode, exclusive to the Assaulter. The weapon takes the one from the Assaulter and improves its damage, rate of fire and firing range. The Prism Tank is still vastly superior and even the Howitzer outranges the Assaulter IFV mode.

Radiation Emitter
  • Users: Desolator

The Rad Emitter used by the Desolator is a very effective mode, but it is rather uncommon. It receives the same benefits as the Desolator does, making this mode that much more effective with its improved damage and rate of fire.

Chrono Emitter
  • Users: Chrono Legionnaire

Like the Chrono Legionnaire, the Chrono Emitter weapon receives the same bonuses. It erases its targets faster at rookie and even faster at elite. And the Emitter continues to fire over walls when promoted to elite.

Cluster Missile Launcher
  • Users: Volkov

The final new IFV mode, the Cluster Missile Launcher is a special mode used by Volkov. It fires a missile at a moderate range that clusters into smaller ones that all do individual damage. The mode is effective against all targets, especially groups of infantry and large structures.