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General Breton "Ace" Lee
Rank: 4-Star General
Branch: Allied Air Force
Class Number: 08291102-HBGB
Tactical Overview: Air Force

Master of air strategy in the Allied Forces and specializes in this area. The even-tempered, yet uncompromising, He gets the bonuses of cheaper and more powerful air units as well as more powerful air based General's powers. General Lee now specializes in advancing the role of America's and allies military aircraft division.


Vanguard G.I.
Cost: $200
Prerequisite: Allied Barracks
Strengths: Infantry, Light vehicles, Buildings
Weaknesses: Anti-Personnel weapons, Aircraft

Without ground tanks back up, General Granger upgraded their G.I.'s sandbag barricade into fortified steel walls with the same barricade that uses from the Guardian G.I.'s. No tanks can crush them when the steel barricades are deployed.

Kodiak Hover Tank
Cost: $700
Prerequisite: Allied War Factory
Strengths: Vehicles, Buildings
Weaknesses: Submarine and Aircrafts, Armor-Piercing and Anti-Tank Infantry

Kodiak Tanks are the main battle tanks of General Granger, the advancement to General Granger's Kodiak Tanks is having the hover ability instead of tank tracks. These tanks can hover at water. But be careful of enemy submarines. Due to the hover ability, to sustain more lift they decided to decrease the armor to lift more the vehicle.

Assault Nighthawk
Cost: $1200
Prerequisite: Allied War Factory
Strengths: Infantry
Weaknesses: Aircraft, Anti-Air Defenses, Anti-Air Vehicles/Infantry

The Assault Nighthawk's ability is when the passengers are boarded, they can fire their weapons outside when on transport or at ground, also when loading and unloading until its disembarked. This can give air and ground coverage when Guardian G.I.'s are aboard or make a lethal anti-infantry by having a Seal or Snipers inside. Can be used also as reconnaissance or hit and run assault.

King Harrier
Cost: $900
Prerequisite: Allied War Factory, Allied Battle Lab
Strengths: Tanks, Buildings, Infantry
Weaknesses: Aircraft, Anti-Air Defenses, Anti-Tank Infantry

The next generation of Harrier planes, the King Harrier's are more faster stronger armor can do more payload damage unlike the standard harrier. Also this cannot be seen in radar.


Aircraft Pad
Cost: $500
Prerequisite: Allied Construction Yard, Allied Air Force Command

When Aircraft Pad's are built, you can build four more additional planes. It doesn't contain Aircraft producing factory and radar ability unlike the Air Force Command building.

- None

General Powers:

Mother Of All Bombs
Countdown: 8:00
Prerequisite: Allied Command Center

Accessed from the Allied Command Center, it calls a B2 Bomber strike plane off map to drop the MOAB Bomb anywhere in the battlefield.

Army Modifications
• Vehicles cost more to produce.
• All Aircraft and Longbow cost less.
• The Grizzly Tank and Prism Tank are both unavailable.
• Rocketeers built as veterans.

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