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Page Updated: February 18, 2009

Anything Related YR: Zero Hour questions, are here. I recommend anyone to read this FAQ page, because its kind of annoying of hearing or seeing questions by people posted again and again from anywhere at the forums, from private messages or mail. Most of the downloader of mods are people who enjoys playing it and some are rippers, who only steal mod assets without the authors permission. So please read every detail here.

Q: What is YR:ZH
A: A conversion of the early C&C Generals concept to Yuri's Revenge, You can read also the Mod Info Index Page for more information.

Q: Will I see CHINA, GLA, and USA?
A: No, It will still be Allies, Soviets and Yuri.

Q: Wait, Isn't this a Conversion
A: Yes, there will be a mode that will enables the Generals and another mode for the Side specific countries.

Q: Will the Boss Generals will appear in the Mod?

A: Based on my mod plans, I will put them into a skirmish/multiplayer mode. Only playable by AI. Maybe Soon, I will put them also at the list. Also these will be Vladimir, Carville and Yuri.

Q: Will we see some of the Generals in Zero Hour in YR?
A: Yes, also there will be new generals. So expect their new faces when shown.

Q: Will this mod need RP or NPatch?
A: Yes, you will install it before you play the game to enable the additional game features. You now need NP: SE, newest versions will do.

Q. Why is it that 3 Chinese hi-ranked comanders for Russia is nonsence even for game. Why Alliance is lead by US only? why Soviets are lead by China only?
A. The generals are now replaced and I will not use the old C&C Generals Zero Hour, I created a new set of people that will take role of the 12 generals of the mod.

// Game Questions

Q: I run the YR:ZH mod launcher and I get an error when activating?
A: Please reinstall the game or maybe there is a mod recently installed at the YR Directory.

Q. What do I do if I experience an Internal Errors or Bugs?
A. Please report at least in detail of when the bug/internal error happen. Post it in the YR:ZH forums together with the except.txt file that generated in the YR Directory.

Q: The New Generals wont appear in the Side/General Selection?
A: Be sure you must update everything, first update the Game to 1.001 and install the NPatch (http://vk.cncguild.net).

Q. When playing the mod, I am placing my Tank Drop, Airborne, or any general powers in any part of the map. I get no reinforcements or any activation at all.
A. It is because your NPatch is not installed. Please read follow the instructions before downloading and playing the mod and installing the patch. Update YR patch to 1.001 and install NPatch (http://vk.cncguild.net).

Q. When im picking sides, I cannot see vanilla Soviet and Yuri sides in the list.

A. Please make sure that the NPatch is installed. Please read follow the instructions before downloading and playing the mod and installing the patch. Update YR patch to 1.001 and install NPatch (http://vk.cncguild.net).

Q. How is Boris Nuke? Or is it directly linked to the Nuke MiGs?

A. Boris is now upgraded with nuke tipped bullets and his airstrike MiGs have now tactical nuke missiles

// Asset Questions

Q. Can I use some of the assets that are seen in the mod.
A. For this mod's uniqueness, Im only open to those assets that are already public made right now. Unless I gave permission to release and use it for public distribution and use.is

Q. Can I copy the mod's INI codes?
A. No, please make your own ini unit codes. Its easy to copy and replace entries in it, so its not that hard. There are already tutorials around the Red Alert 2 Modding community, use it. I only give hints on how did I do it.

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