Yuris Revenge: Zero Hour



Yuri's Revenge: Zero Hour's features for your gameplay.

The Hour is Now!
Be the Ultimate Warfare General, Prepare your Forces Commander. Command either to fight for the freedom's side of Allied Forces,
revolution with the Soviet war machine, or world domination with the Psi-Corps Army.

Zero Hour
Unleash your modern weapons technology against the world's most powerful Generals.
Take command of 12 New Generals in advance weapons technologies to bring heavy
punishments to your enemies.

Key Features

The Next Generation of War
Unload on your enemies with an all-new, hi-tech arsenal featuring all new units to each sides and a whole new defense upgrades system.

12 Ruthless Generals
Command an army of super powers, build your army with precise laser pinpoint systems, weapons of mass destuction, mass infantry, armored tanks, biological weapons and many more.

Ruthless AI
Be the ultimate player and challenge the AI in either skirmish and multiplayer game.

Vanila Sides
A focused army instead of country based units. Alliance of all nations in one army.

New General Power System
All new generals powers will be the sub superweapon of all generals and also the vanila sides. These new powers will turn the tides of war.

Generals Challenge Mode
Play with the all new Generals Challenge mode where you battle 9 Ruthless Generals AI with unique personalities, strategies and taunts.

New Missions, Tactical Strategy?
15 new missions, challenge the veteran Generals in their conquest to destroy the Allied Forces occupying Eurasia, searching resistance forces in Russia, battlefield corruption of the Psi-corps and sending special commando's to capture weapons of mass destruction.

Civilians Tech-Up's
New Civilian support units and New Civilian Tech Buildings for your warfare assistance. From Howitzer Platforms to Reinforcement Pads.

Bug Fixed of Westwood
Westwood leftover game bugs and graphical glitches were cleaned and placed properly.

Force Expansion
Expanded force branches such as naval and airforce in the game, giving more a balanced game. Yuri and Soviets will no longer left with Allies Air Supremacy and Yuri will no longer be the ultimate blitzkrieg in the early game.

New World Combat Elements
Added new maps, balanced units and armies. Updated graphical enhancements, and all new terrain and weather effects further immerse you in a little realistic combat environment.

The Hour is Now! Theme
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