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General MacDonnel Powers
Rank: 4-Star General
Branch: Allied Army
Class Number: 00010204-0IKE0
Tactical Overview: Laser Weaponry

An early champion of laser technology in the USA Armed Forces, MacdDonnel Powers has developed comprehensive offensive and defensive strategies all around laser-based weapons. It is only in recent years that powerful lasers became cheap enough and light enough to mount on battlefield weapons, and General Townes has deployed them throughout his forces. Upgrading the Prism technology gives this general superiority in med-long range assaults. His laser weapons and his ever reluctant use of the technology named him 'The Crimson of Prisms'.


Laser G.I.
Cost: $200
Prerequisite: Allied Barracks
Strengths: Infantry, Light vehicles, Buildings
Weaknesses: Anti-Personnel weapons, Aircraft

General Pinpoint's G.I. is more advance than any other standard G.I. now equipped with a high accuracy laser machine gun. These can rip in any target with ease but due to the machine guns heaviness. The G.I. only use this when deployed mode.

Laser Grizzly Tank
Cost: $750
Prerequisite: Allied War Factory
Strengths: Vehicles, Infantry, Buildings
Weaknesses: Aircrafts, Armor-Piercing weapons, Anti-Tank Infantry

Laser Cannon on wheels, the Grizzly Tank's Anti-Tank cannon is removed due to General Pinpoint's Modernization of laser weapons and the Grizzly Tank is the first one that installed and massed produced. The lasers effectiveness works only in groups, such as attacking structures. A lone unit is more effective against infantry and tanks. With its high accuracy, it can be used also with the hit and run tactic.

Advance Prism Tank
Cost: $900
Prerequisite: Allied War Factory, Allied Battle Lab
Strengths: Buildings, Infantry
Weaknesses: Aircraft, Tanks, Anti-Tank Infantry

The Advance Prism Tank doesn't have much improvements with its weapon. However its armor upgrade boost its strength against anti tank weapon and it can stand more with heavy fire in the battlefield.


Laser Turret
Cost: $750
Prerequisite: Allied Construction Yard, Allied Barracks

The primary land defense system of General Pinpoint, these Laser Turret's can easily destroy enemies with ease.

Beam Cannon
Cost: $1000
Prerequisite: Allied Construction Yard, Allied Barracks

The Laser Air Defense Cannon or Beam Cannon is the lethal anti-air weapon for General Pinpoint, unlike the Patriot Missile. This can easily fire with high accuracy and air targets will be a sure crash.


Laser Crystal
Cost: $1000
Prerequisite: Beam Cannon, Allied Construction Yard, Allied Battle Lab
Upgraded to: Beam Cannon

Beam Cannons upgraded with Laser Crystals will make the beam cannons laser burst more lasers doing more damage against aircraft. It can take down heavy aircrafts such as Kirov's with ease.

Railgun Lasers
Cost: $1000
Prerequisite: Laser Turret, Allied Construction Yard, Allied Battle Lab
Upgraded to: Laser Turret

Laser Turrets upgraded with Railgun lasers will be more effective against tanks and damages everything ally or non-ally in its firing path.

General Powers:

Orbital Laser Strike
Countdown: 6:00
Prerequisite: Allied Command Center

Accessed from the Allied Command Center, it fires a heavy laser beam from the Laser Cannon in space for it to target enemies anywhere in the battlefield.

Army Modifications:
• Battle Fortress is unavailable.

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