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The other mod changes

Build Unit Production Queueing

Now increased to 100 instead of the default 30, so you have no more problem of the limited 30 clicks on the sidebar. You can plan more and build smoothly whatever taskforce you want to create.

Base Defenses
Base Defenses now have circle radial indicators to help you know what the range of every defensive buildings, these can be seen when you click any of defense building. Except battle bunkers, tank bunkers and garrisoned buildings. And also powered base defenses are now crewed and will appear when the structure are selled. Crew Survivors will also appear when a powered base defense are destroyed.

Multi-Engineer Tab

From C&C Tiberian Sun now in YR:ZH. If you don't like any of the AI's early game engineer rushes, you may turn this on. Available on skirmish and multiplayer game, when turned on you will need to have many engineers to capture a structure. The first one who enters will damage the structure until its captured, it may take time to capture but it.

Money Stealing
Infiltrating a refinery will now be 25% of the money you will get unlike before which is more of that. The Floating Disk money draining is now increased.

Spy Default Disguises
Spies, Infiltrators, Saboteurs are no longer disguised themselves as regular soldiers at default when purchased and came out of the barracks.

Disguised Units
Spies, Infiltrators, Saboteurs, Mirage Tanks and other visible disguised units are no longer have an attack cursor once your mouse cursor hovers on them while they are disguised. So it will be now a tough challenge to spot the real trees from disguised Mirage Tanks or know if its a friendly unit or enemy spy enter your base.

Aircraft Repair and Reload.
You can have a fast aircraft assault now that has faster reloading and repairs, damage aircraft on return will repairs faster and depleted ammunition on aircraft's reloads fast.

Aircraft Dogfighting
Fighter planes are now capable of firing at the same enemy aircraft, you can also target helicopters, kirov airship or any air units that comes out of war factories. But be warned, your own aircraft missiles may damage your units as well when exploded near to it.

Aircraft Pilots

Destroyed aircraft will eject a side specific pilot. These pilots can hijack enemy vehicles or civilian vehicles for you to use. These pilots can't be built from the sidebar, so use it well.

Civilian Vehicles
Instead of being stock map objects, now can be very useful in battle by hijacking or mind controlling. It act like transports for infantry. Some civilian vehicles may fire pistol weapons like Police cars and may have open gunport ability for infantry to fire outside.

Radiation and other Effects
Like in C&C Generals, the Nuclear Radiation is now changed to orange and the nuke green is now for toxins. Toxins can be green, blue and purple. Incendiary flames like for toxin initiate's can now be also green or blue.

Command Bar

The command bar now updated with the following functions it featured.

Team 1
Team 2
Team 3 (new!)
Cheer (new!)
Type Select
Stop (new!)
Planning Mode
Attack Move (new!)
Beacon (new! - for multiplayer only)

Building in near Tech Buildings
In Yuri's Revenge: Zero Hour, building a normal base, defenses, walls near a tech building is not anymore allowed.

Selecting Buildings
Buildings now have voice select when clicking an owned building, it plays a special sound effect of it.
Only can heard by the owning player when it clicks it.

Create Unit Voices
Only heroes, commandos are the only ones that will have create unit sound. Kirov Airships, Floating Disk and other infantry or vehicles who use this was removed.

The Hour is Now! Theme
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