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General Karel Hann Lasalle
Rank: 4-Star General
Branch: Allied Marine Corps
Class Number: 07121969-HB
Tactical Overview: Super Weapons

A name feared by countries and generals around the world. This girl will be satisfied once she brings the ultimate defeat to her enemies. Her extensive use of advance weaponries proved her to be more of a Boss General and her strategies can and will destroy your base in no time. She uses airstrikes, a more powerful lightning storm, fuel air bombs, and a familiar set of powered up defenses. One can say that she was the tyrant from the past that took over a large patch of the world. She has a very special map of her own, where she is in seperate islands bombing you with whatever she's got. Her weapons are named 'The Titanium Superweapons' as no one can match her powers.


Mortar G.I.
Cost: $300
Prerequisite: Allied War Factory, Allied Air Force Command
Strengths: Infantry, Light vehicles, Buildings
Weaknesses: Anti-Personnel weapons, Aircraft

Firepower has been the goal of General Alexanders units, these newly equipped G.I.'s with the heavy mortar cannons can easily seige enemy bases, and uses its heavy machine guns as well to assault enemy units.

King Grizzly Tank
Cost: $900
Prerequisite: Allied War Factory
Strengths: Vehicles, Buildings
Weaknesses: Aircrafts, Armor-Piercing weapons, Anti-Tank Infantry

An upgraded version of the normal Grizzly Tank, combat effectiveness is now increased as its armor and firepower is now also increased. The Superweapon General's standard all-purpose battle tank.

Fortress Alpha Bomber
Cost: $1800
Prerequisite: Allied Air Force Command, Allied Battle Lab
Strengths: Infantry, Buildings, Tanks, Ships
Weaknesses: Anti-air base defenses, infantry and vehicles, Aircraft Fighters

The Fortress Alpha Bomber delivers a one round powerful bombs that will carpet bomb a targeted area or object like the standard Fortress Bomber, its payload delivers more massive damage against enemy structures and armor. Also when fired to an enemy unit, building or any object it will use all its bombs until its destroyed.


Fortified Pillbox
Cost: $800
Prerequisite: Allied Construction Yard, Allied Barracks

A newly fortified armor added for the pillbox that General Alexander employs with. Assaulting this defense will be hard to crack with conventional weapons. Even deadlier when its upgraded with Armor-Piercing Bullets. The basic Allied defense with low range.

Aegis Missile
Cost: $1000
Prerequisite: Allied Construction Yard, Allied Barracks

Allied sky watchers are now alert on any threat that is coming, these Aegis Missile defense will surely total knock out any enemy aircraft in its range. Based on the Aegis Cruisers missiles, these are deadly to enemy aircraft.

EMP Grand Cannon
Cost: $2500
Prerequisite: Allied Construction Yard, Allied Air Force Command

The newly designed Grand Cannon now equipped with EM Pulse shells, this shells can disable enemy vehicles and also fry infantry only in small radius. Due to the shells fast expiration, the Grand Cannon's weapon range is reduced. Also the EMP affects the cannons itself if fired near to it, to make the building operational on incoming assault. It has been set its new increased minimum range having the EMP shockwaves not hit the building. Ally vehicles caught in its shockwave range may also be disabled.


Fusion Turbine
Cost: $600
Prerequisite: Allied Power Plant, Allied Construction Yard, Allied Battle Lab
Upgraded to: Allied Power Plant

Allied Power Plants will increase power efficiency when upgraded with the new fusion turbines. Unlike the regular turbines, this will increase power by 300%. Very useful when running out of build spaces or who wants a small base.

General Powers:

Fuel Bomb
Countdown: 7:00
Prerequisite: Allied Command Center

Accessed from the Allied Command Center, calls a B52 Bomber to strike and drop a fuel bomb canister to the designated target anywhere in the battlefield.

Army Modifications
• Chronosphere and Weather Controller Device cost reduced.
• All vehicles cost more to produce.
• Battle Fortress is unavailable.
• Lightning Storm duration increased.

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