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Beowulf's Rules
Game: Red Alert 2
Website: http://www.freedomstudios.net/mods/bwr/
Description: Beowulf's Rules aims to improve the gameplay between the Allies and Soviets by balancing out the units with tweaks to each one to improve their effectiveness or reduce any glaring overpowerings. In addition to the massive amount of balance tweaks, other random tweaks are abound to provide graphical enhancements or other changes to provide a more enhnaced experience.
Beowulf's Rules: Yuri's Revenge
Game: Yuri's Revenge & Ares
Website: http://www.freedomstudios.net/mods/bwr/
Description: Similar to the first project in the series, but this time it's for Yuri's Revenge instead of plain Red Alert 2. Like the original, the Allies, Soviets and now Yuri have bigger, better armies and balance to make each one fun to be and still have a fair fight!

An Ares version is being planned for further enhanced gameplay.
Beowulf's Rules: Tiberian Sun
Game: Tiberian Sun & FireStorm
Website: http://www.freedomstudios.net/mods/bwr/ts/
Description: The third mod in the BWR series. Instead of looking forward, I brought it back to the third Westwood release, Tiberian Sun. Like the Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge counterparts, it brings balance, graphical and audio enhancements to the game for a more well rounded experience.
Beowulf's Rules: Zero Hour
Game: Generals: Zero Hour
Website: http://www.freedomstudios.net/mods/bwr/zh/
Description: The fourth, and final project, in the BWR series. This one looks ahead to EA's first Command & Conquer offering's expansion pack. Like the other three mods, balance, graphical enhancements and audio enhancements are the primary aspect of the project. New goodies will be sprinkled in as necessary.
Dawn of the Legions
Game: Tiberian Sun & FireStorm [original], Yuri's Revenge/NPatch AE [Return From Exile]
Website: http://www.freedomstudios.net/mods/dawnofthelegions/
Description: Dawn of the Legions adds a whole new side to the conflict: Blue Star Legion and enhances GDI and Nod. A three way campaign is very possible for future versions.
Dawn of the Legions is an alternate universe to Tiberian Sun based on three factions: the Blue Star Legion, Brotherhood of Nod and Global Defence Initaive.
Enemy Enhanced
Game: Yuri's Revenge & Ares
Website: http://www.freedomstudios.net/mods/enemyenhanced/
Description: Enemy Enhanced is a mod that add new countries to each faction, improves gameplay balance, and, of course, drastically improves the AI players.
Game: Yuri's Revenge & Tiberian Sun & FireStorm
Website: http://www.freedomstudios.net/mods/incursion/
Description: Incursion is a project for Yuri's Revenge that brings back concept units and balances the game. Also comes with a Tiberian Sun version as well, which features many of the same concepts and ideas.
Red Alert X
Game: Yuri's Revenge & Ares
Website: http://www.freedomstudios.net/mods/redalertx/
Description: Red Alert X is a mashup type mod, bringing back a Tiberian Sun style of play. There are no countries but instead there are just the three factions. But there will be enough spice to keep the games interesting with plenty of AI hell, maps, modes and even a campaign!
YR: The Generals
Game: Yuri's Revenge/NPatch SE
Website: http://www.freedomstudios.net/mods/yrthegenerals/
Description: Gone are the countries and in their place, come generals! Yuri has since been squelched so only the Allies and Soviets remain as contenders. With five generals on each side, there is never a shortage of things units or variety.
Yuri's Revenge: Zero Hour
Game: Yuri's Revenge/NPatch AE
Website: http://www.freedomstudios.net/mods/yrzerohour/
Description: Prepare your weapons technology against the worlds most powerful generals! 9 generals, with new weapons of mass destruction that can level you to the ground.