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  • Ability: Superiority
  • Positive: +20% More Ore Per Drop
  • Negative: +10% Structure Construction Speed
  • Veteran Units: GI | Grizzly Tank
  • Specials: Radar Plug + Paradrop | Abrams Tank

Despite being overrun by the Soviets, America remains as a premier superpower in the Allied army. They have superior training and firepower, evident with their veteran units and their country specials. America also has a better economy than the rest, gaining 20 percent more per bail, but this slows their structure construction speed.

  • Ability: Infantry Training
  • Positive: +20% Infantry Armor
  • Negative: +10% Vehicle & Ship Construction Speed
  • Veteran Units: Navy SEAL | IFV
  • Specials: Sniper | Avenger

Great Britain remains at the top for superior infantry training. Their infantry armor is the best around, giving their infantry ranks 20 percent more. Their veteran units are also indicative of their focus on infantry, as does their radar special. Britain's Lab special went in a different direction, but it makes a very effective compliment to their infantry.

  • Ability: Fortification
  • Positive: +20% Structure & Armory Armor
  • Negative: -10% Vehicle & Ship Speed
  • Veteran Units: Chrono Legionnaire | Harrier
  • Specials: Grand Cannon | Chrono MLRS

The French are the masters of sturdy construction and base fortification, as evidenced by their radar special and their country's special bonus. However, this does seem to place a strain on their mobility, causing their mechanized ranks to be slower than usual. Though, they work around this by working more with Chrono technology, training the Legionnaire at veteran and having access to the Chrono MLRS.

  • Ability: Tank Armor
  • Positive: +20% Vehicle & Ship armor
  • Negative: -10% Infantry Speed
  • Veteran Units: Guardian GI | Light Tank
  • Specials: Tank Destroyer | Panther Tank

The Germans, being closest to the Soviet line, needed more firepower to handle the Soviet armor. They have access to an improved Tank Destroyer, their Guardian GI is always trained at veteran and their vehicles have more armor than the other Allied factions. However, this left their infantry forces at a loss, making them slower, causing them to lag behind when they're needed.

  • Ability: Aircraft
  • Positive: +20% Aircraft Armor | +10% Aircraft Apeed
  • Negative: +15% Armory Construction Speed
  • Veteran Units: Rocketeer | Prism Tank
  • Specials: Black Eagle | Firehawk

The Koreans are masters of the sky, possessing the Black Eagle and veteran Rocketeers. Beyond that though, their aircraft have much better armor and advanced engines, improving their durability and speed respectively. They're more heavily reliant on planes for defense because their defensive structures take longer to construct.