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  • Build Queue: BWR allows up to 100 units to be in the production queue at the same time instead of just 30.
  • Starting Money: BWR increases the maximum starting money for Skirmish and Multiplayer to 20000.
  • Starting Units: BWR increases the maximum starting units for Skirmish and Multiplayer to 20.
  • Game Modes: Modes that were previously only found when playing online have been enabled for offline play so anyone can enjoy them.
  • Veteran Bonuses: Several veterancy bonuses have been improved. A previously disabled bonus (VeteranSight) has been re-enabled.
  • Paratroopers: Paratroopers now descend faster so that they spend less time falling in the air and far less time vulnerable to anti-air fire.
  • Technicians: Instead of an Engineer spawning from a destroyed construction yard, a different infantry is spawned: the Technician. He is like an Engineer, but faster, stronger, immune to mind control and radiation.
  • Audio: Many disabled sounds have been re-enabled and several unused sound effects are now in use.