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Allied Airpad graphics modified from Westwood Studios' Airforce Command HQ graphics.
Prerelease Allied Refinery, prerelease Allied War Factory, prerelease Allied Barracks, prerelease Soviet Psychic Sensor and prerelease Soviet Cloning Vats graphics created by MooMan, modified from Westwood Studios' original graphics.
Soviet Airfield graphics created by BuddaBoy.


Allied Engineer, Soviet Engineer and Civilian Technician recolors by BobingAbout, modified from Westwood Studios' Engineer graphic.
Agent, corrected Tesla Trooper and Volkov infantry SHPs created by Dark_Elf_2001.
Guardian GI infantry SHP created by Westwood Studios'.
Allied Medic infantry SHP created by Comrade Kal.
Tesla Commando and Tesla Ivan recolors done by Beowulf.
Assaulter recolor done by Droke; modified from the Westwood Studios' original.
Chrono Corps infantry SHP credated by Speeder, modified from Westwood Studios' graphics.


Abrams Tank, Yak 24-K Transport and Rad Artillery voxels created by Spiderman_2099; voxels renormalized by Gamemate.
Avenger voxel created by Holmes, modified from Godwin's GDI Humvee.
Alternate Demolition Truck and Chrono MLRS voxels created by Napalm.
Allied Destroyer voxel created by Me2; modified by Yurisarmy.
Tracked IFV base and Tirhanov voxels created by Daz.
Alternate IFV turrets and fixed Hind rotor animation created by Blade.
Howitzer, MIG and Deathshard voxels created by Apollo; Howitzer recolored by Beowulf and renormalized by Gamemate.
Allied Battleship voxel created by Tony; recolor done by Hogo.
Alternate Rhino Tank voxel created by M1A2 Abrams; resized and fixed by Major_Gilbear.
Prerelease Paradrop Plane and prerelease Tesla Tank voxels created by Sleipnir.
Panther Tank voxel created by CannisRabidus.
Raptor voxel created by Mig Eater.
Prerelease V3 Launcher voxel created by HighGround.
Firehawk and Inferno Tank voxels created by TX1138; Firehawk turreted by EVA-251.
MiG Bomber voxel created by Azri_Apoc.


Abrams Tank and Yak-24K Transport cameos created by Spiderman_2099; Abrams Tank modified by Beowulf.
Allied Airpad cameo created by Gamemate; Apocalypse Tank, Kirov Airship, Prism Tank and Ore Purifier cameos modified by Gamemate from Westwood Studios' originals.
Soviet Airfield and Soviet Psychic Beacon cameos created by VisceroidGod.
Chrono MLRS and alternate Demolition Truck cameos created by Napalm.
Rad Artillery and modified Allied Repair Depot cameo created by Speeder.
Tirhanov cameo created by Lee.
Volkov cameo created by Lefthand.
Inferno Tank, Firehawk, Battleship, Deathshard, Destroyer and Panther Tank cameos by EVA-251.


Fire trailer and fire explosion animations created by Napalm; fire explosion fixed by Gamemate.
Fixed meteor animations done by Blade.
Tesla ivan explosion, tesla piff and nuclear reactor explosion animations recolored by Beowulf.
Tesla pulse animation created by MooMan.


Paradise Islands map created by DaRTzO.
Polar Twilight, Polar Twilight Redux and Midnight Rumble maps created by Hogo98.
Foot Hills and Snowblind maps created by Tony.
Crimson City map created by FlakBloke.
Mineral Battlefield map created by LuisJAN.
Maps list incomplete; compiling the rest of the authors, but I take no credit for maps not done by me.


Mod launcher banner and buttons by Gamemate.
Alternate GUI created by Arg, originally used in the YR: Argentina modification.
ModDB banner images created by Joshy.