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I recommend you to please read the instructions first on any files you download before you input or install to your PC, any questions regarding this please contact or I suggest to post your comments on the forums.
The mod uses a mod launcher, so it will automatically setup it for you. No need to erase something in the YR directory. You can put the launcher anywhere in your hard drive.

YR: Zero Hour also will not read if there other mods installed, uninstalled it before you play or  use the YR Clean Up Program
You cannot play the mod without downloading this.
I recommend also to download this, the mod is using a special feature called the NPATCH made by VK. It enhances the Yuri's Revenge Game play and also the mod to enable other features such as The General Powers, Tank Drops etc... and many more.

Visit the site and download the latest patch
[ http://vk.cncguild.net ]

NPATCH - Autumn Edition by VK
The Core Fixes for the General Powers Abilities and other features
[ Download Removed ]

Unfinished Early YR:Zero Hour version build 2 (BETA)
The New Version is now coming.
[ Download Removed ]

The Hour is Now! Theme
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