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General "Blitz" Fang Li Chen
Rank: 4-Star General
Branch: Soviet Armed Forces
Class Number: 9999-322436-5
Tactical Overview: Tanks

Soviet's biggest tank advocate. Efficient and Lightning-fast assaults with the armor division of the Soviets. His tanks are considered indestructible and the 'Iron Blitz' Of the Soviets. With his streamline command and rush tank attacks, He will rock your world flat out of your miseries. General Chen will surely you will be out of sight.


Premier Apocalypse Tank
Cost: $2000
Prerequisite: Soviet War Factory, Soviet Battle Lab
Strengths: All
Weaknesses: Armor-Piercing Weapons, Anti-Tank Infantry

The Premier Tank is General Chen's specialized Apocalypse Tank, still have similarities to the vanilla Apoc but now its rocket pods are upgraded to fire more further. More powerful and heavy duty unlike the vanilla apocalypse. It can crush any vehicles that is smaller to its size.


Tank Bunker
Cost: $500
Prerequisite: Soviet Construction Yard

Infantries doesn't work well with base defending with General Chen, so instead he replaced the battle bunkers and developed the tank bunker. Similar to Yuri's Tank Bunker and also the purpose to garrison a tank. Aircraft missiles can penetrate bunkered tanks.

- None

General Powers:

Tank Drop
Countdown: 6:00
Prerequisite: Soviet Command Center

Accessed from the Soviet Command Center, calls for reinforcement of 4 Veteran Rhino Tank's that will be paradropped from 2 planes, 2 in each plane.

Army Modifications
• All tanks start at veteran level.
• Tanks cost less to produce.
• Aircraft are more expensive to build.
• Infantry cost more.
• Hind, Seige Chopper and Kirov Airship are unavailable.

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