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General Barathorn "Claymore" Nicolas
Rank: 4-Star General
Branch: Soviet Armed Forces
Class Number: 2030-200403-1
Tactical Overview: Infantry

Discipline in body and mind makes up this general's army. Feel the wrath that built our weapons today and still empower us with supplies. He's ranking officers are the best of the best he could ever pull. Witness as a large army of infantry brings down the mighty 'Claymore' on an enemy base. Using veteran infantry combat divisions and armored transports, he'll make sure to surround your base with bullet shells all around.


Red Guard
Cost: $200
Prerequisite: Soviet Barracks
Strengths: Infantry, Light vehicles, Buildings
Weaknesses: Anti-Personnel weapons, Aircraft

Claymore's Advance Conscripts, the Red Guard is the next generation of elite conscription training. More stronger, faster and now can carry a heavy machine gun to fire at tanks.

Super Ivan
Cost: $1000
Prerequisite: Soviet Barracks, Soviet Radar Tower
Strengths: Vehicles, Buildings
Weaknesses: Infantry, Aircraft

More super than ever, it uses sticky bombs that can now stick to targets when Super Ivan throws one. More packed with explosives, also can run more further and it has now the ability to suicide detonation on command by deploying it.

Cost: $1500
Prerequisite: Soviet Barracks, Soviet Battle Lab
Strengths: Infantry, Vehicles, Buildings
Weaknesses: Aircrafts

Special commando Boris improved his skills and more on his training on General Claymore side. He rewarded Boris to call much aircraft on his airstrike bombardment missions and a long range waypoint targeting laser pistol.

Bison Light Tank
Cost: $700
Prerequisite: Soviet War Factory
Strengths: Buildings, Tanks
Weaknesses: Aircraft, Armor-Piercing Weapons, Anti-Tank Infantry

A refitted version of the Rhino Tank class to a new armor and body. The Bison Tank is a light anti-armor car. It can be garrison one infantry per tank to fire outside. More faster than the Rhino Tank. These can be good anti-air if also flak troopers are inside.

Assault Flak Track
Cost: $600
Prerequisite: Soviet War Factory
Strengths: Aircraft, Infantry
Weaknesses: Tanks, Anti-Tank Infantry

General Claymore's Assault Flak Track's have its armor and weapons improved, and also it has gun ports for infantries to fire. Even with slight armor improvements. It has a little chance of destroying an Allied Battle Fortress with infantry backed-up.

Helix Hind
Cost: $1500
Prerequisite: Soviet War Factory, Soviet Radar Tower
Strengths: Tanks, Buildings, Infantry
Weaknesses: Aircraft, Anti-Tank Infantry

Helix Hind or Assault Hind can carry three infantry or one terror drone and an infantry. The Helix have gun ports for infantries to shoot at. The Helix must have two propeller blades to carry out the heavy anti-armor guns and all the passengers aboard.


Fortified Battle Bunker
Cost: $500
Prerequisite: Soviet Construction Yard

Fortified Bunkers will make more your base invulnerable from enemy's heavy attackers, more armor and same cost. Construction of these are still the same like the ordinary Battle Bunkers. Bullets and Tank shells will be hard to penetrate but a full wave of enemy attack cannot stand a chance. So back up with artillery and air supports.

- None

General Powers:

Red Guard Airborne
Countdown: 6:00
Prerequisite: Soviet Command Center

Accessed from the Soviet Command Center, calls for reinforcement of 18 Veteran Red Guard's that will be paradropped from 2 planes, 8 in each plane.

Army Modifications
• All infantry start at veteran level.
• Infantry Cost less to produce.
• Both Rhino tanks and Apocalypse tanks are unavailable.

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