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General Dynamis Shura
Rank: 4-Star General
Branch: Soviet Armed Forces
Class Number: 0000-000000-1B
Tactical Overview: Nuclear Energy

Ah the wonders of science is beyond this general's view. Her view is power and to achive such power one must let it loose. Nuclear shells, rockets and bullets are what her army packs and efficient and low costs gives her a good amount off funds to destroy his opponents. Her tanks are powered by nuclear reactors making them lethal when they die. His overuse of her Nuclear Arsernal gives shivers down the spine of UN officials whenever who mentions 'Shura the Nuke'. We might like it as if she is our comrade in battle, but as an enemy... well let's just say your base will be crampled by several nuclear warheads. Resistance is Futile. Another name for this superior generals' Nuclear Arsernal is 'The Golden Fist of Destruction'


Nuclear Conscript
Cost: $200
Prerequisite: Soviet Barracks
Strengths: Infantry, Light vehicles
Weaknesses: Anti-Personnel weapons, Aircraft

General Shura's conscripts are not just any ordinary conscripts. They are nuclear, now can damage tanks more and everything else with its nuke tipped bullets.

Cost: $1500
Prerequisite: Soviet Barracks, Soviet Battle Lab
Strengths: Infantry, Vehicles, Buildings
Weaknesses: Aircrafts

Fully upgraded weapons now with nuke tipped bullets, Boris airstrike Mig's are also have tactical nuclear missile warheads.

Nuclear Rhino Tank
Cost: $1000
Prerequisite: Soviet War Factory
Strengths: Infantry, Vehicles, Buildings
Weaknesses: Aircrafts

Cleaner fuel for General Shura's Tanks now the Rhino Tank have nuclear upgrades. Its new reactors can make the tank go faster and also now fires nuke shells.

Nuclear Apocalypse Tank
Cost: $1850
Prerequisite: Soviet War Factory
Strengths: All
Weaknesses: Armor-Piercing Weapons, Anti-Tank Infantry

The next powerful tank ever developed in the soviet arsenal. Now the new Apocalypse Tank have nuclear upgrades. This can make the tank go further more and also now fires nuke shells like the Rhino Tank. Apocalypse missiles also upgraded with nuke warhead.

Nuclear Siege Chopper
Cost: $1500
Prerequisite: Soviet War Factory, Soviet Battle Lab
Strengths: Infantry, Tanks, Buildings
Weaknesses: Fighter Aircraft, Anti-Tank Infantry, Base Defenses

Nuclear carriers of the skies, the Siege Choppers in General Shura's command carries nuclear warheads tipped on its shells. Due to improvements, the chopper has decreased its mobility because of the heavy nuclear armaments. The chopper isn't powered also with nuclear reactors because they lack space when soviet engineers rushed its production and didn't get managed to improve its design.

Tactical Nuke Mig
Cost: $1400
Prerequisite: Soviet Aircraft Pad
Strengths: All
Weaknesses: Aircraft, Anti-Air Defenses, Anti-Tank Infantry

Mig's missiles now have nuclear warheads. Very more effective against everything, but be caution on targeting aircraft units and it might hit itself with its missile blast.


Advance Nuclear Reactor
Cost: $1500
Prerequisite: Soviet Construction Yard, Soviet Battle Lab

Advance Nuclear Reactors have more power output than the vanilla Nuclear Reactors. Explodes more violently than the standard one.

- None

General Powers:

Nuke Bomber
Countdown: 6:00
Prerequisite: Soviet Command Center

Accessed from the Soviet Command Center, calls for airstrike reinforcement to drop a tactical nuke bomb anywhere in the battlefield. Small of it size to nuclear missile but packs more damage in a small radius blast.

Army Modifications
• Desolators start at veteran level.
• Nuclear Silo cost reduced.

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